Divine Inheritance

Divine Inheritance serves leaders and organizations, developing biblically-based strategies and ideas that challenge traditional approaches to social justice and equip partners to provide hope and justice around the globe.


Marcus Young - Founder.

Marcus's family has 125 years of history in SE Asia.  He grew up in the Phlippines, worked with the largest drug cartel in SE Asia and pioneered the first child soldier rescue efforts in Myanmar in the 90's. He was also reluctantly mentored by a famous CIA operative. 

Jared Navarre - Chief Operations Officer.

A vision-driven leader, Jared was immediately drawn to Divine Inheritance's boldness and perseverance in some of the world's toughest regions. He now oversees the US team and the operations that support and mobilize our global movement.

Kat Mathena - Marketing and Design.

Kat was raised with a love of world traveling, culture and art, which now greatly influence her creativity and passion for people. As a design and marketing maven, she has worked extensively with various nonprofits, helping cultivate their brands and share them with the world.  



Kurt Beasley - Legal Counsel 

Kurt has practiced before the Federal Administrative Law Court as an expert in complex utility tax cases and has practiced public accounting with an emphasis in tax. He is the founder and director of a nationally recognized nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Vision Ministries. He is actively involved in charitable giving and social ministries in both his practice and his life. 

Don Beehler - Public Relations 

Don Beehler is a public relations/communications consultant to organizations throughout the nation. Don has an extensive background in helping clients and stakeholders advance their business objectives and manage their reputations through effective communication. He founded his consulting firm, ABC&D Communications, in 2002.

Rob Harvey - Organization and Leadership Development  

Rob is currently the executive director at Live58, an organization dedicated to helping pastors and leaders equip and empower their people to live the True Fast of Isaiah 58. He is also the CEO of Good Neighbor Foundation, a nonprofit organization which develops and empowers enterprising initiatives.

Howie Klausner - Publishing and Film

Howie is an exceptional screen writer and filmmaker, working on projects with some of the biggest names in the business including Warner Brothers, SONY, Disney, MGM, and Vivendi-Universal. He is currently the President of Klausner Creative in Franklin, TN. 


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Marcus Young

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