Divine Inheritance

Divine Inheritance serves leaders and organizations, developing biblically-based strategies and ideas that challenge traditional approaches to social justice and equip partners to provide hope and justice around the globe.

Our primary initiatives include church planting, bible translation, leadership training, sustainable agriculture and micro enterprises. Each of these is focused on advocating for the “least of these.”  Children, especially children at risk, are insignificant to most of the world because they lack power. But that makes them a powerful place for God to work as His power is more evident in weak places. Most of our work is with child soldiers because these children come from some of the worst situations on earth.  

Our active work includes 5 operating children's homes and 2 schools representing over 200 children in the Upper Mekong Basin, sometimes known as the Golden Triangle.  Our local partners actively plant churches and do evangelistic work in some of the most difficult parts of Southeast Asia.  Our service to children in these areas, opens up a space for the church to engage in tangible ways. Please consider joining our mission by supporting one of the following projects!



We have hand-picked young ethnic students from our rescue programs in Myanmar that need your help to study in the Philippines.  The costs of this includes airfare, legalities like visas, tuition, and room and board at $550 a month. These young adults will be trained as top notch teachers, doctors, and business administrators and will return to jobs in their own region once their degrees are complete. We also offer sponsorships for our local high school graduates to attend university or trade school in Myanmar. Their costs are about $150 monthly or $1,800 annually.  Please consider helping us create permanent, peaceful change in this conflict region through the next generation of educated, professional leaders.

Your gift, of any amount, will go into an ongoing fund to help these students acheive their goals.



Our children's home in Myanmar is focused on kids at high risk of trafficking. About half of the children are former child soldiers. With your generous help, we would like to create an outdoor cement pad for the children to play sports like volley ball, basketball, badminton and takraw (rattan ball). Simple sports training can actually keep children out of front line military training. All skills count when it comes to protecting children. The total cost for this project is $11,000. 

Any donation amount received will be applied to this recreation area.


$150 will support one teacher, for one month in our Myanmar schools. Why is this important? Giving children an education doesn’t just prepare a child for the future - an education gives a child value in the eyes of society and as a result helps keep them out of military training. Each one of our teachers deeply impacts the lives of at least 30 children during a given month. 

Please consider touching all these children through your one time generous gift.