Divine Inheritance

Divine Inheritance serves leaders and organizations, developing biblically-based strategies and ideas that challenge traditional approaches to social justice and equip partners to provide hope and justice around the globe.

Divine Inheritance participates in a international collective of NGO’s, foundations, church networks, businesses and localized governments that are related in various capacities to Just Projects International.  Some are financial partners and others participate in the governance or over-site of various shared projects.  Divine Inheritance serves JPI’s faith-based division of relationships. 

NGO & Network Partners

  • The Freedom Project, Australia
  • Hope for the Nations, Canada
  • Global Celebration, USA
  • Ora International, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and New Zealand 
  • Harvest International Ministries, USA
  • Justice is Beautiful, USA
  • Integrity Services Global, Australia
  • Strategic Partners Among Nations, USA 
  • CMC, Philippines 

Local NGO Facilitators

  • Divine Inheritance, USA (and around the world) 
  • Rascate Social c.a., Mexico 
  • Pomprasert Foundation, Thailand 
  • LAMP Foundation, Philippines 
  • Grupo Cultural Mexico-Canada c.a., Mexico 
  • Just Projects International Foundation, Philippines 
  • Wa Baptist Convention, Myanmar 
  • IEDS Corp, Philippines
  • Happy Hearts, Somalia