Divine Inheritance

Divine Inheritance serves leaders and organizations, developing biblically-based strategies and ideas that challenge traditional approaches to social justice and equip partners to provide hope and justice around the globe.

Divine Inheritance sustainably addresses long-established problems and injustices in communities around the world by providing biblically-based, innovative strategies and ideas. Inspired by his family’s multigenerational missionary history in Southeast Asia, founder Marcus Young began studying the challenges his family encountered in the region. Young wrestled with conventional ideas surrounding social justice and community transformation. He saw that cultural impact can come quickly, but true transformation is cemented gradually as new values are embedded in future generations. As a result, he established Divine Inheritance to provide others with the wisdom gathered from his family’s experiences as well as thoughtfully created ideas and tactics designed to be sustainable in today’s world, equipping future leaders to carry out the mission of hope and justice wherever God leads.

Our Founder


Marcus Young's family has 125 years of missions history in SE Asia. He grew up in the Philippines, developed a mission to one of the largest drug cartel in SE Asia and pioneered the first child soldier rescue efforts in Myanmar in the 90’s.

In Divine Inheritance’s (DI) work with child soldiers, they have been able to rescue hundreds of children from a life in the army in the midst of armed conflict. DI empowers leaders to build strategies from paradigms. For example, mobilizing God’s people to live the powerful counter-intuitive of “loving enemies” expanding God’s kingdom through reconciliatory service to “worst of these,” like drug lords and the “least of these” like child combatants.

Marcus operates from multi generational perspective brimming with wisdom and insight on Jesus’ kingdom and justice. He currently serves the Justice Alliance, a personal network of kingdom justice focused organizations and leaders. He consults and serves leaders around the world who serve children as the rising generation peacemakers in conflict areas, high human trafficking regions and where racial and religious persecution is active.

Our Board

 Marcus Young, President

 Brad Weeks, Director

Paul Van Hoesen, Treasurer

Jennifer Hendrixson-White, Director

Jeff  Jackson, Director